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 - Once you have decided to use the Quick and Easy Self Service you need to register the passports for every guest with step 1. You can do this ahead before arrival.
 - Step 2 - we will send you the access code you ned in order to open the Key Safe.
 - With step 3 you will receive instructions for the location of the Key Safe for every apartment. 

Please follow the steps for your quick and easy check in procedure in VIP Apartments Sofia


Guest Registration Form for Self Check in Procedure:

Fast and easy process for hotel registration. Please fill in as many times as guests you have in your group.


Receive an email with the access code:

For our Self Check in procedure we use mobile Key Safe with access code to open in order to get your keys. 
Before your arrival we will send an email with the access code together with instructions where to find the Key Safe (STEP 3).




H O W  T O   O P E N   Y O U R   K E Y   S A F E  :

Once you arrive at the location and find the Key Safe push down the protective cover. Set the code provided to you by email. Press the open button on the left side and take out the keys. Close the drawer and rotate the digits to scramble the code in order to avoid somebody opening it.




At VIP Apartments we always try to improve both the customer experience for our guests and our own operations. We recently thought the human factor in the hospitality sector is not a thing we can compromise with. But as it is 21th century we thought we might better suit the needs of our guests because of the following reasons:

Self service does not mean lack of service

We know perfectly well that meeting the needs of our guests is the core duty of every employee no matter a receptionist, a manager or a housekeeper. That is why we carefully made our research of what will be the best option of self check in we can possibly provide. We created a detailed information for the whole process in our webpage using pictures and videos. We made online passport registation as easy as you can fill in all the details even before you arrive in order to safe time and be efficient. The whole information you need is sent to your email ahead of time so that you have enough time to ask all your questions. And of course, you can always call our customer service if you facing any problems with the process.

Staff can focus on things that matter most

The people that travel nowadays expect to have the freedom and flexibility they have with other services and this is also getting valid for hotels already. You booked one of those Wizz air flights that are so temptating cheap but unfortunately they land at 3 AM..? Well, no problem with our self check in service - you can do it anytime you want ... In fact check in procedures can be in the wrong moment - you are often too tired, you have luggage to take care or crying kids around... Our self check ins are always followed by a phone call on the next day when you have already looked around the apartment and can ask us if you need assistance.

Freedom, flexability, fastness

If you choose this option you will follow your own time and schedule - if you decide a restaurant is too good to miss and you are starving after the flight and want to stop for dinner while heading for the city - you can surely do it. With our self check in procedure the guest is the one that makes the decisions for their own time and vacation. The apartments are located just 5 - 10 min. away from the key collection point so this makes the service really fast and flexible for you to use.