It all started back in 2005 with lots of passion!


Understand the guest needs

We first try to fully understand the guest needs and requirements in order to offer the best possible solution for his stay in Sofia. Renting an apartment instead of a hotel room might need a little more efforts from our side as all apartments are different and unique. In this sense understanding all requirements, concerns, special needs and budget is essential to our effective work. 

Effective work

With offering not only accommodation but also transfers and tours in Bulgaria we try to provide  a full range of supportive services needed for your stay in the country. You can book a transfer from the airport with your apartment and spend a day on a tour with just a couple of emails. All our assistants are trained to give you the information needed in order to make a fast and hassle free decision.

Problem solving

If we say everything is running smooth and carefree it means we will lie to you.  We are not vaccinated from problems and an unpleasant situation can always occur. It is the attention we deliver and the care we provide that make the problems solved quickly and trouble free.