What to do if you do not have hot water in your apartment

You might experience problems with the hot water supply if the water company provider is doing repairs in the area your apartment is located. In such cases you can use the water heater installed in your apartment. In order to turn it on please follow the instructions below:

1. Make sure there is cold water supply in the sink (if there is no water supply coming from the tab there is nothing you can do - please call us in case like this)

2. You have to find the central pipes for the whole building located next to the shower in the bathroom as shown on the picture below. You  need to open the  white door by pushing it from the bottom side. 

3.Please turn the handle perpendicular to the pipe (in order to stop the cold water coming from central pipe to your apartment. If you have done this correctly you will have no water at all from your cold tab in the sink). 

4. The next step is to turn on the water coming into the water heater in your apartment. It is located above the toilet. Please turn both knobs as shown on the picture below in order to start the water going into the water heater. Both knobs should be positioned parallel to the small pipes coming into the boiler as shown on the second picture below.

5. Finally turn the knob on the desired level on the water heater itself as shown on the picture below. 

6. You can also take a look at our video for better understanding:

What to do if you have a problem with the Internet/TV provider in your apartment

If you have a problem with the Internet or TV you can call the provider at 0700 43 700 - they have service in English and usually it is better to call yourself from the apartment as they need to check the router lights. They will find the contract for your address by number 12700040503 and Patriarh Evtimii 78. The router is usually located close to the TV.