The parking options for Buzludza 51 and Buzludza 58 apartments are as following:

1. You can use a paid public parking located 6 min. walking distance from the apartment following the route below. This parking  also has a 14-days pass that can be used as most cost effective and suiatable option for longer stays. 

2. The area of the apartment is a part of the "BLUE ZONE" for parking in Sofia and you can also park on the street:

  • Price - BGN 2 per hour. Maximum parking is 2 hours .

  • Working hours of the "BLUE ZONE" - weekdays and Saturdays from 08:30 to 20:00. Parking is free on Sundays.

  • You can pay for the parking with a parking card (you can to buy it from assistants walking on the streets in yellow vests);  by sending a short text message (SMS) to phone 1302 - Please note only messages from BG mobile numbers are accepted!; by sending a message to the "Urban Mobility Center" chatbot in the Viber mobile application:; with Sofia Urban Mobility Centre app from your mobile phone.